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Born of an artist’s love for the woman of his dreams, Muze is strength, tenderness, wisdom, serenity and joy.  

Mark’s creation reflects his happiness with the hope of sharing it, because there is so much to go around, indeed more than enough for everyone.

Muze is obviously the inspiring, loving woman for the artist. She is also the symbol of Love, Tenderness and Protection.

Everyone can see Muze as a character experiencing Love in everyday life situations that anyone can relate to - and so spread and share the Love.

  • Mark

    Mark is an artist who has been painting and drawing his entire life as a hobby. He is inspired by nature, drawn to the abstraction of his subjects.

    Mark is also the name behind the luxury accessories brand Glen Prince of Great Britain, as the founder and creative director.

    He is a free soul, loving life and bursting with imagination. His artisitic approach is always generous, exuberant and vibrant.

    The simplicity of Muze resides in his belief that the slightest of lines can express the deepest of feelings, equally the smallest of gestures can give the greatest of pleasures.

  • Sandrine

    Sandrine is the designer behind Perle de Lune Jewellery - apart from being, you guessed it, Mark’s dream.

    Sandrine is a qualified gemmologist, passionate about coloured gemstones. She creates ethereal, delicate and joyful designs, playing with shades and hues harmony, balance and movement.

    She shares with Mark the love of colour, attention to detail and the joy of creating feel-good designs.


United by Love, Creation & the Joy of sharing

With a wealth of experience , talent and passion they have created the Muze brand, their love child.

They both have the vision that sharing Love and Happiness makes the world better, that artistic and meaningful objects should stir emotion, be affordable, durable and responsibly made.

Muze is a collection of emotional objects and accessories made from artistic creations inspired by Love.

Aesthetic Objects, Tokens of Love, Talismans ... Meaningful Gifts that everyone can make theirs - because Love and Sharing is universal..

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